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The Team

  • Gilles Claes


    "Learn, create & inspire"

    I'm a young CREATIVE CONTENT CREATOR from Belgium. From a young age I realised that I had a passion for film and everything related to it. Everyone told me that I had a very creative and imaginative mind so I quickly realised what the future had in stall for me. It was already my passion but later film and photography became a study and in 2016 I made it my job by starting my own company, Zèta Pictures. Since then I've worked bot nationally and internationally for a variety of clients, brands and artists.

    I have two motto's in life: "Learn, create, inspire!" and "If you can't say it, show it". Both of these I reflect in my work(flow). That's why I also teach weekly tutorials about how to edit on the YouTube Channel Premiere Basics. So if you have a vision in mind or just an idea, then let me help you with creating the story you need for your brand in a unique way.

  • Jason


    "Visualise ideas"

    I've always been intrigued by the movies. Going to the cinema or renting DVDs (remember those?) was a weekly ritual in our household. This interest has grown into so much more as I began to develop my own content. After 7 years of experimenting, I finally decided to work as a freelance photo- & videographer alongside my studies in I/O psychology. This combination enables me to visualize any idea in an aesthetical yet sophisticated way.

    Over the years, I've gotten the opportunity to work on various projects and each with the same mindset: an openess to overcome my limitations and to share my passion with others. This has led me to be part of several production companies such as Zeta Pictures.

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